We recognise that video conferencing and audio visual estates are difficult to manage and maintain. While room based systems are often well documented and maintained, the smaller portable solutions tend to suffer from a lack of ownership due to the transient nature of their use. This can often result in the equipment being in an unfit state just when it is required the most.

Working with our qualified project management team and certified engineers we will establish an accurate picture of your estate allowing you to have confidence in your future VC/AV requirements and potential investment needs. Alternatively if you are about to enter the marketplace and acquire VC/AV capability we can assist you with making the correct choices allowing you to focus on your key deliverables. From in-depth site surveys and health checks to network discovery exercises and assistance in writing proposals for the market we have the experience to assist you wherever and whenever you need us.
The potential benefits listed below are an example of where we can add value to your organisation. For further details or requirements not listed please contact your regional sales office or your Account Manager.

The Benefits of audits and health checks

• Dedicated project management team
• Certified project engineers, SC cleared where appropriate
• Site surveys
• Asset identification
• Health check
• Asset performance rating
• Corrective maintenance plan
• Asset software upgrades
• Manufacturers support and life cycle guidance
• Return on Investment reporting
• Insurance underwriting
• Network design and planning
• Collaboration techniques and financial benefits
• Security guidelines and compliance.

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