As global organisations come to rely more and more on video conferencing and audio visual technologies the demands on the IT community to deliver a fully functional on demand service increases. As the adoption and cultural acceptance of these technologies increase, so does the usage profile of the equipment often with far reaching consequences in the event of a service interruption.

VC/AV networks represent a significant investment not only in monetary terms but in resource and back end infrastructure to manage and operate the network. Over the last 4 years there has been a massive cultural change in many organisations that now identifies video collaboration as the preferred method of remote interaction.

We recognise that maintaining and supporting a geographically dispersed VC/AV network is crucial to many organisations and the need for a trusted partner in this field is paramount to the continued adoption of smarter working patterns.

By offering a multi-tiered approach we can help to identify how best to leverage the investment and provide the service levels that are expected at business level. This approach allows the customer to determine what maintenance package works best and how best to manage internal expectations. We will work with the client to clearly show the business strategy and how best to apportion the costs across the appropriate business sectors thus avoiding any potential conflicts of interest.

Additional benefits to consider when adopting a single source maintenance contract include:

• Greater volume discounts on new hardware and individual maintenance contracts
• Reduction in vendor base resulting in a decrease of management overhead and associated costs
• Consistent level of installation and aftercare capability
• Accurate estate profile and a better understanding of operational budget requirements

Service Offerings

Support packages can be part of an overall integrated managed IT service, part of an integrated vendor model or stand alone to support an in-house IT team. Service can be tailored to any SLA requirement or taken from out Gold, Silver or Bronze offering.

More detail can be found in our pdf downloads.

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