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BP : Projects Overview

Background has been a preferred supplier of project services to BP globally for over a decade. The company has delivered countless projects in the Wintel space, specialising in desktop refreshes, data centre migrations & server virtualisation. Here are just a few brief summaries of the projects we have led or contributed to.

Client Refresh 2005 - ongoing continues to support BP in its client refresh activities in the UK & the US, having delivered in excess of 30,000 PC migrations in this time.

Rotterdam Refinery Office Move - 2011 performed Project Managed and delivered the IT & associated infrastructure move of 400 users from one office to another. This actual move work was performed in a single weekend.

Migration of servers from Tulsa to Houston Data Centres 2009 - 2011 has migrated over 800 applications hosted on over 900 servers from physical instances in Tulsa to a virtualised environment in Houston, Chicago & London.

Migration of Wintel service to Data Centres 2006 - 2009 led the activity to migrate site based services from 130 sites in UK & Europe to BP’s data centres. It managed the demise of 350 File & Print servers and Domain Controllers whilst migrating 55Tb of data and consolidating in excess of 1,500 DHCP scopes to a single data centre instance. This work included the creation of centralised file services (NAS, backup, Archive & DR) and associated operational procedures. provided project management and technical resource to design elements of the solution and perform the actual migration activities.

Application Virtualisation 2008

In support of an initiative to reduce the number of physical application servers (and thus reduce data centre footprint and cost),, using virtualisation technologies, managed to switch off 100 servers over a four month period.

IT Policies 2008

BP revised their IT Policies in 2008 and asked to provide a team to perform a compliance check against BP’s installed base and to seek to implement the Policies where non-compliance existed

Migration of Mailboxes 2007- 2008

In support of a Data Centre move, migrated 24,000 Exchange mailboxes

Exchange Consolidation 2005 - 2007

BP’s strategy is to host its critical applications and services in its global Data Centres. managed the consolidation of its Exchange infrastructure, migrating c.80,000 mailboxes from 259 Exchange 2000 servers globally to a centralised Exchange 2003 environment. provided project management and technical resource to perform the actual migration activities.

Deployment Management of 30,000 Windows XP clients in 2004 - 2005

Following a successful pilot in 2003, was awarded the management of the deployment in UK, Europe & Africa. created a virtual team of resources from itself, BP and their Service Partners. managed the deployment and was accountable for all members of the virtual team.’s technical resource designed and implemented an automated set of build and deployment processes which reduced deployment costs by 40% compared to previous mass deployments. Management activities included budget and schedule management – the 30,000 user deployment was completed within 10 months and to budget.

VMware Proof of Concept in 2003

To assist with the containment of support costs and in preparation for BP’s move to a Data Centre in late 2004, proposed the investigation of VMware to host their application server needs.’s Technical Consultants designed and built a VMware environment and ported 20 applications to a single VMware server. They performed benchmarking to demonstrate that user performance was not adversely affected (it was often improved). This technology was adopted by BP and is a key Data Centre technology.

Global Programme Management, local Project Management and Implementation of 2,600 W2KServers in 2001-2003 performed Programme Management for the Downstream business, putting together and leading a virtual team for 30,000 users globally, migrating some 2,600 NT4 servers to a new single domain Windows 2000 structure. In addition, they provided project management across all the major business streams and supplied Regional Deployment leads, Site Project Managers, Applications Migration, Assurance Experts, Technical Consultants, Server Build & Configuration Teams and System Administrators.

Programme Management of 30,000 W2K client deployments in 2000 - 2001

The scope included 30,000 users globally, with around 200 locations in 100 countries. was responsible for putting together a project structure, project team, regional management and site based Project Managers. programme managed the deployment and was accountable for all members of the virtual team.’s technical resource contributed to the technical design of the standard Windows 2000 build, the automated build and deployment processes and to the Hardware Selection and RFP process which preceded deployment. Programme management activities included budget and schedule management – the 30,000 user deployment was completed within 10 months and to within 3% of its $100M+ budget.


As a trusted project delivery partner, has delivered a variety of projects for BP

  • Covering all technologies – from desktop, to virtualisation, to data centre
  • We provide related services too – such as office moves and policy development & enforcement
  • All these services have literally been provided on a global basis
  • Projects have ranged in scale from a handful of users up to the entire population of BP – 80,000 users

More detail on any of the above projects is available by contacting us at

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