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TAQA: Build and Deployment of Windows 7


TAQA Bratani is a relatively new entrant to the North Sea, but has grown rapidly, becoming one of the most respected Operators based in Aberdeen. As their fleet of PCs began to approach end of serviceable life, they decided to combine a hardware refresh with an OS upgrade. has a proven track record in client refresh delivery, and as such were a natural partner to deploy Windows 7 on a number of their onshore and offshore sites. have been a key TAQA supplier for a number of years and have built up a strong business relationship over that time. Our track record, local staff already in place, as well as a reputation for doing the right thing meant that we had the right attributes to hit the ground running.

Drawing upon 13 years of client refresh experience and our ability to quickly mobilise our resources, we successfully implemented and delivered a tailored version of the Microsoft framework for building and deploying TAQA ‘Evolve’ (Windows 7).

Split into phases, we rolled out ‘Evolve’ to an initial group of early adopters to gather feedback, prior to targeting a pilot group of TAQA employees. This allowed us to perform the necessary fine tuning before mass deployment both onshore and offshore to a combined total of 793 end users.

TAQA were understandably cautious in the offshore deployment in particular, having not previously performed an operation of this scale. There was a great deal of planning and logistics to take into account due to the tight offshore time windows and also a number of HSSE issues and risks to be considered. Drawing upon our previous offshore deployment experience, we came equipped with proven processes and techniques to cater for all of TAQA's needs in these areas and successfully delivered on all of our promises – verified by positive feedback from all platform OIM’s.

Part of's core values is a strict adherence to HSSE requirements. Throughout the build and deployment of ‘Evolve’ at TAQA, there were no health and safety incidents, nor any loss of data. Our and TAQA’s commitment to the environment was demonstrated through our combined efforts to recycle and responsibly dispose of all packaging and obsolete equipment. 

Our track record, expertise and flexibility helped us to deliver ‘Evolve’ within the tight working window – on time and on budget with excellent user satisfaction.

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