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BG Group provides BG Group in Aberdeen with an Audio Visual and Video Conferencing (AV/VC) support and project service which covers its 3 Aberdeen offices, 3 offshore platforms, flotels, drill rigs and presence in various partner locations.

Specialist trained AV technicians are annexed to the on-site support and projects team. Between 2010 and 2011 we have carried out the following AV/VC projects:-

  • New Telepresence suite successfully commissioned
  • Successful implementation of AV/VC in 3 engineering partner offices in Aberdeen
  • Successful implementation of new AV setup for Aberdeen General Manager’s office.
  • Installation & commission of offshore VC onto Safe Caledonia Flotel
  • Designed and supervised the successful re-fitting of the Board Room VC installation

In addition to ad hoc projects we also:

  • Support and maintain 12 meeting rooms with AV & VC kit driven by AMX panels
  • Support and maintain 4 ICE (Interactive Collaboration Environment) rooms with dual 65 inch plasma screens, HD VC linking on and offshore environments
  • Have deployed Linux based, web interface controlled Onelan digital signage throughout the offices for display of real-time production information
  • Distribute through the offices and support multicast IPTV using Freesat via Exterity transmitters
  • Support a high quality, high definition Telepresence suite
  • Provide a support service for all offsite meetings or townhalls with any AV/VC requirements

The service we provide to BG allows them to collaborate effectively in real-time with other BG sites throughout the world, business JV and engineering partners, offshore platforms, rigs and flotels. In addition to the benefits of real-time collaboration this also significantly reduces travel expenses and their carbon footprint.

After the tight timescale set up of AV/VC in BG’s engineering partner’s Aberdeen offices (Quattro House) and on the offshore floating accommodation barge (Safe Caledonia), the BG Major Projects manager Emailed the following message:-

“I would just like to thank everybody concerned for their help, service and general support which has delivered us top class facilities located at Quattro and the on the Safe Caledonia. The intent is to establish the ‘ICE’ facility across at … and I’m sure that that will be managed in an equally professional manner. Thanks again.”

We have also had continual praise for our support of BG’s offsite and external VC townhall meetings and presentations to the City analysts

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