Application Support Services: Keeping your business in business

Businesses increasingly depend upon their Line of Business applications to support their front line activities and remain competitive. Downtime and user problems directly impact customer service, business operations and, ultimately, the bottom line.’s Application Support Service is designed to keep users productive and the business delivering. Our teams of fully certified individuals have the technical capabilities and business understanding to support your applications and deliver application maintenance, upgrades and deployment, including data migration and infrastructure support.

On a day to day basis our team of Applications Support staff log, diagnose and resolve support calls raised by end users and they play a lead role in co-ordinating the resolution of support calls, managing the involvement of and interaction between other support parties such as application vendors & developers, infrastructure support, DBA and desktop support. A key element to the service is the co-ordination of these support parties in the investigation and resolution of application-related support requests – it is often unclear which component(s) in the end-to-end application delivery chain is causing the issue and it is critical that the contributing parties are co-ordinated and managed to minimise finger pointing and expedite a solution.

Badly executed upgrades can cause severe business disruption. Our teams will work with the appropriate technical and business authorities to plan testing, to manage change control (including rollback options) and to deliver appropriate support during user migration - de-risking application upgrades.

Given the criticality of Line of Business applications, business engagement and communication is key. Our teams are selected not just for their technical skills, but for their customer service aptitude.

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