Bringing your people together

With increasing costs of travel and the exponential development & adoption of mobile and home working technologies, the use of audio-visual collaboration, including video-conferencing (VC) is becoming increasingly cost-efficient and is enabling flexible and dynamic decision making and collaboration.

As businesses begin to change their processes to incorporate and depend upon these tools, it is critical that the associated support and monitoring services meet the underlying business requirements. has been providing design, installation and support AV & VC services to our global customers for the past decade and has first hand understanding of the profile and criticality of these implementations.

We have the learnings and experience to offer design, implementation and enhanced (rapid response) SLAs in all aspects of AV / VC toolsets and usage, including:
Our AV Support service ensures that you maximise the return on your investment in collaboration technology, optimising the use of your staff’s time and enabling a material reduction in often significant travel costs and time.

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