On the Move

As 3G coverage and Wi-Fi become ubiquitous and as technological development of smart phones & tablets and business apps has matured, the use of mobile devices as viable, cost reducing, business tools has become much more commonplace.

prosource.it has been at the leading edge of this revolution, providing businesses with proof of concepts, deployment and support solutions for both back office enterprise systems and user device optimisation. 

With the advent of the new generation of tablets in the market place, prosource.it is leading several trials with customers on the suitability and viability of device utilisation within their businesses. We are working with clients to seek innovative ways to introduce new functionality, improving business processes whilst ensuring from an IT perspective that integration with legacy systems is roboust and critically that corporate security is not diluted or comprimised. 

prosource.it have targeted this area as a strategic product service line and are actively developing our skill base and experience in this exciting new domain. 

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