300,000 Client Desktop Refreshes and Counting...

Your business can’t afford downtime. When you’re ready to deploy new PCs and to replace obsolete technology, your business and your end users need the absolute minimum disruption.

Deploying new enterprise technologies delivers higher productivity, faster time to market and more efficient operations. But for IT organisations that are working at capacity, the integration, configuration, and deployment of new systems can create resource issues. Interruptions to computing resources can jeopardise effective customer service, impacting business performance and end-user productivity.

prosource.it offers end-to-end desktop refresh and deployment services from design, planning and project management, to roll-out into Business as Usual support with minimal impact on end users & IT deparment, using expertise we have acquired from performing successful deployments for over 10 years.

These services are available regardless of location and requirements – we have experience of working on every continent and in every environment – from production sites in Alaska, refineries in Spain, helicopter hangars in Scotland, to factories in England and headoffice locations globally.

prosource.it can assist you with all phases - helping you reduce costs and complexity, support new technologies, making sure your deployment goes smoothly and enabling your staff to be more productive.

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