IT Services Supporting Mergers, Acquisitions & Divestment


Information technology is a critical path element in the success of any M&A activity and has a track record of delivering IT services in support of our customers’ deals. We have agility to respond to mobilising the right resources at short notice with the objective of minimising client disruption and maximising benefit in the shortest possible window.


We have delivered mergers, acquisitions & divestment projects in a variety of commercial circumstances and tailor the delivery to meet the specific requirements of each deal.

Our scope of work would typically include some or all of the merger & acquisition services below:

1.      Due diligence of IT landscape / contracts

2.      Creation of the IT strategy / roadmap for a post the merger/divestment landscape

3.      Transition & transformation programme / project management

4.      Provision of technical IT services in support of the activities, including:








Data cleansing and data control

5.      Sourcing and Negotiation of IT contracts on behalf of the customer

6.      Transition management of IT services from one supplier to another

7.      Interim IT resource provision

8.      Green field setup of IT services for new post divestment businesses


There are a number of case studies in our portfolio which can be supplied on request.

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