Help your Business Support New Technologies

Server proliferation puts IT infrastructure budgets under increasing pressure – not just the cost of the hardware & software, but the proportional additional costs including resources required to manage server sprawl, the cost of underutilised computing resources and environmental costs (rackspace, power, etc).

Companies are looking to reduce infrastructure spend, save floor space and cut back skyrocketing utility costs. Server virtualisation can help your business overcome the challenges of high costs and the complexity associated with server sprawl while giving you the flexibility to rapidly adapt to changing business needs and workloads and support new technologies.

  • Reduce the physical infrastructure and operating system footprint for better utilisation and control
  • Reduce resource, facility and utility costs
  • Leverage new server, data storage and network technologies
  • Increased control over mission-critical data
  • Enhanced DR
  • Scalability to meet future demands
  • Faster application deployment
  • Re-allocate resources across business units and locations to respond to changing business environments more effectively offers end-to-end Server Virtualisation services to help you reduce costs and complexity, support new technologies and implement a sustainable workload strategy in your consolidated server environment. We can assist you with all phases of a server virtualisation project - from evaluating the business case, to designing and implementing the consolidated architecture.

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