Sourcing & Vendor Management has many years’ experience working with and managing suppliers in all fields of IT, including outsourced services (BAU support, telecoms, etc), project services (hardware vendors, software development, etc) and cloud services, including Software as a Service (SaaS) and other “XaaS” offerings.

Within the company we have professionals from both sides of the fence: ex-vendors and ex-procurement specialists who know the boundaries and negotiating tactics required to optimise a deal.

Many of our customers have taken advantage of our expertise delivered in the following sourcing and vendor management services which we can deliver independently or in conjunction with your in house procurement team:

Complete sourcing lifecyle  (RFP to  Contract, including negotiations)

Renegotiation of contracts

Contract management

Vendor management

Outsourcing / Offshoring

Review of 3rd party costs

Our philosophy is to get our customers best value from the vendors, which is a mixture of cost and quality of service, contracted in a way that protects the customer, covering all practical eventualities to ensure success for both the customer and the vendor.

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